Why Should I Choose A Home Inspector From the Alliance?

 WNY Alliance members are independent home inspectors. You will not find us on a “Pay to Play” list. We are focused on education and providing you with the highest quality home inspection and exceeding your expectations.

Where Should I Get A Referral For A Home Inspector?

Friends, family members or others who have your best interest at heart.

Do I Need To Inspect My New House?

Yes! New builds have “code” inspections. This will ensure your home is built to the minimum standard building requirements. An independent home inspector will examine the house for best practices and be your advocate.

Does My Home Inspector Need To Be Licensed?

Yes. It is against the law to perform a home inspection in New York State without a valid license. If your inspector is not licensed, not only will he / she be breaking the law, you will not receive a quality home inspection as reguired by law (NYS Article 12-B).  You Can CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOUR INSPECTOR HAS A VALID LICENSE

How Should I Choose An Inspector From The Alliance List?

Click on the name or business name of the inspector. That will direct you to additional information so you can choose an inspector that meets your needs. Many inspectors also offer additional services like Mold, Radon, Asbestos, Environmental Testing, Wood Destroying Insects, and other tests.

How Do I Become A Member of the WNY Alliance?

Contact any member for information OR CLICK HERE to join