Home Buyers Waiving Their Right To a Professional Home Inspection 

The Western New York Alliance of Home Inspectors (, is warning that the recent trend of potential home purchasers waiving their right to have a professional home inspection is causing harm to home buyers. 

We have heard from many individuals who thought they were purchasing their dream home, in fact, have ended up in a nightmare. Many of these victims paid thousands over asking price only to find out that they need extensive and expensive repairs because they waived their right for a home inspection so as to make their offer “more competitive.”

Another alarming trend is home sellers putting their house on the market with exclusion clauses or not allowing any contingencies. Specifically, disallowing potential purchasers from getting a professional home inspection, testing their house for cancer causing Radon gas, inspecting the chimney to ensure safe operation, and any other inspections. Offers from purchasers with these contingencies will not be considered by sellers in these cases. 

The harm to the purchasers could lead to foreclosure. As pointed out recently by Erie County Clerk Michael Kerns as a rise of foreclosures are up in the Western New York area.

Overpaying coupled with extensive repairs may cause these individuals to ultimately lose their home. There is also a potential for insurance companies to require expensive repairs in order to insure the property, or canceling the policy altogether due to dangerous conditions like old unsafe electrical service, damaged foundation walls, multiple roof layers, un-craftsman like repairs, etc. Unable to attain Homeowners insurance could lead to lenders calling in their note.

The Western New York Alliance of Home Inspectors is strongly encouraging all potential home buyers NOT to waive their right to a professional home inspection. We are also encouraging ALL professionals involved in the home buying process to encourage their client’s not to waive their right to a professional home inspection or any additional testing to ensure their client is properly protected. Additionally, no contract should be accepted without a properly filed Property Condition Disclosure Form or any contingencies disallowing a purchaser from getting a professional home inspection to ensure they are not harmed after closing.    

NYS Licensed Home Inspector Jason Watson discusses the issues on the WNY Living Show Brandee Martin discovered with her house after moving in. Brandee did not get a professional home inspection.

Click the link on the far right to listen to the audio of the Domenic Cortese home improvement show with NYS Licensed Home Inspector Henrey Jetty and his client Aimee. Aimee did not get a home inspection and now has discovered extensive repairs after moving into the house.

Domenic Cortese & Aimee

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